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The Importance of Physical Therapy in Orthopaedic Care

Physical therapy is beneficial to anyone who has an illness or a medical condition that affects their ability to move about. With the help of a personalized physical therapy recovery plan, most patients can easily return to their normal level of functioning. What is physical therapy? and how does physical therapy help in the orthopaedic care and overall wellness?

Physical therapy helps strengthen the function of our bones, muscles, joints, and cartilages and improves our balance. If you are suffering from an injury or an illness that affects your movements, here are some reasons to include physical therapy in your recovery plan.

Physical Therapy Helps Reduce Pain And Discomfort

Therapeutic exercises and techniques like tapping, electrical stimulation and soft and joint tissue mobilization can help reduce pain. Better still, such therapies prevent the pain from recurring.

Physical Therapy Can Prevent Surgery

By healing an injury or eliminating certain types of physical pain, such as knee pain or lower back pain, physical therapy can even prevent surgery in many cases. Some patients will still need to undergo a surgical procedure. They also benefit from the physical therapy they received before the surgery. If you are in a better shape before undergoing a surgical procedure, you will be able to enjoy a speedy recovery.

Improves Mobility

Patients who have difficulty standing or walking benefit immensely from physical therapy. Stretching exercises will improve their ability to move about. Also, physical therapists are trained people who know how to fit an individual with assistive devices like a cane or crutches. A personalized physical therapy plan allows the patients to practice the activities that are important to their life.

Physical Therapy Makes Recovery From Stroke Easier

Stroke affects function and movement to some degree. By undergoing a physical therapy recovery plan, patients recovering from a stroke will be able to strengthen the weakened parts of their body and improve their balance.

Physical Therapy Benefits Athletes Too

If you play a sport, you have a higher risk for certain types of sports injuries. Distance runners, for example, can suffer from stress fractures. Working with a physical therapist reduces your risk for injuries. Now if you injure yourself, a physical therapist can design an appropriate recovery program.

Prevents Falls By Improving Your Balance

Before beginning the physical therapy session, your therapist will screen you for fall risk. If you have an increased risk, they will provide fall prevention and balance training that will challenge and improve your balance. You will also do exercises that improve your coordination. Sometimes problems with the vestibular system can trigger balance problems. In this case, the physical therapist will do specific maneuvers to restore vestibular functioning quickly.

Diabetic Patients Also Benefit From Physical Therapy

Physical activities and exercises are helpful in controlling blood sugar levels. In fact, diabetic patients need to make a conscious effort to stay physically active. A physical therapist can design a customized exercise program for you.

Age-related Problems

As we age, we develop several problems like osteoporosis and arthritis. Some of us might require a joint replacement. A physical therapist makes recovery from joint replacement easier.

Heart And Lung Diseases

Recovering from a heart or lung disease is easier with physical therapy. Through breathing, conditioning and strengthening exercises, physical therapy will improve your health and wellness.

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