Arthritis Management in McAllen, Mission, Weslaco, and Rio Grande

We can manage arthritis by developing an individualized program for physical therapy in McAllen that promotes joint lubrication, stress reduction, and improved circulation.



Arthritis refers to inflammation of the joints. Many factors play a role in arthritis such as diet, activity levels, and medical issues. Diet and physical activity are proving to be strong factors in managing tolerable functional levels of arthritis. A diet based on reducing global body inflammation (i.e. blood type diet, diet cleanse, etc.), aerobic activities, and resistance training all help manage, reduce, and delay arthritic changes to the body. Our arthritis Management in McAllen, Mission, Weslaco and Rio Grande can help you out.

Our unique McAllen physical therapy program can help manage arthritis by developing a specific activity program that helps promote joint lubrication, stress reduction, and improved circulation. Aquatic therapy is highly recommended when severe cases of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis are present. A solution to the pain and discomfort is aquatic therapy, the results are beneficial to our everyday active lifestyle.

Arthritis Management in McAllen

Why Choose Us

Xcell Orthopaedics Physical Therapy is a leading provider of physical therapy services in the Rio Grande Valley. We deliver expert care to patients with functional problems due to arthritis, sprains, strains, fractures, and other injuries. Our experienced team will evaluate, diagnose, and treat your condition using the latest technology and techniques. With our services for arthritis management in McAllen, Mission, Weslaco and Rio Grande, you will feel long lasting relief.

Our Specialty Areas for McAllen and
Rio Grande Valley Physical Therapy Centers

We have specialized therapists who are skilled in successfully treating specific injuries and conditions.

Aquatic Therapy

We take advantage of the natural support of water to reduce pressure on your joints and alleviate pain while you complete the exercises necessary to heal.

Knee Pain

Alleviate knee pain with our McAllen and Rio Grande physical therapists. Specialized exercises customized to your condition help the tissues around the knee heal faster function better.

Post-Surgical Rehab

We create a customized treatment plan to decrease swelling, pain, and tenderness after surgery and ensure a complete recovery.

Injured Workers

We get workers back to their jobs with a full suite of workmen’s compensation services, from initial evaluations to complete functional restoration.

Lower Back Pain

We use proven, hands-on techniques and specific exercises to alleviate lower back pain and allow your body to heal.

Shoulder Pain

We don't just treat the symptoms of your shoulder pain. We identify the source of the pain with a hands-on assessment. Then, we tailor a treatment plan to retrain your shoulder into a normal rhythm.

Fall Prevention and Balance Training

We focus on building coordination, sensory awareness, and core strength in order to improve muscular balance and feedback.

Sports Injuries

We get you back to your athletic best by addressing stability and proper body awareness in order to prevent and heal injuries in all types of athletes.

Muscle Debility

We help you reach your goal activity level with a strengthening program tailored to your needs.

Arthritis Management

We can manage arthritis by developing a program that promotes joint lubrication, stress reduction, and improved circulation.


We can provide immediate relief for the symptoms of vertigo, such as dizziness and nausea, that interfere with your ability to live your life.


For more than 15 years, we have used in-depth consultations to create treatment plans tailored to patients' level of function, activity goals, and physical needs.