The Impact of Physical Therapy on Mental Health XCell Orthopaedics Physical Therapy

The Impact of Physical Therapy on Mental Health

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit.”

Healthy body, healthy mind. Your body is not just a vessel but a partner in your mental well-being. When there is discomfort in the body, it can trigger emotional reactions like anger, depression, or sadness. The Latin “mens sana in corpore sano” means a healthy body can sustain a healthy mind, encapsulating the holistic approach of physical therapy. Physical therapy is about alleviating pain and discomfort and restoring a healthy person—mind and body.

Sportsman Patient Undergoing Physical Therapy to Recover from Surgery and Increase Mobility. Physiotherapist Works on Specific Muscle Groups or Joints to Rehabilitate from Severe Injury.

 Physical therapy and mental health

Physical therapists are experts in treating injuries, rehabilitation, post-surgery therapy, pain and the source of pain treatment, and many others to assist patients in regaining mobility and facilitating full recovery. Psychological stress-related conditions such as anxiety and depression often manifest in physical symptoms that exacerbate musculoskeletal issues and impair functional abilities.

At XO Physical Therapy, our dedicated staff takes the time to fully understand each individual’s condition, including their mental health. We design individual physical therapy sessions for each person, tailored to their unique needs. We motivate and encourage each individual by providing suitable exercises and physical therapy sessions. We ask questions, evaluate daily activities, determine symptoms and intensity of pain, perform tests and movements, observe the body’s posture, and get to know the patient well. A therapeutic relationship between the physical therapist and the patient develops where support is provided – mentally and physically. The testimonies of patients enforce that progress with her physical treatment sessions was due to their positive mental state. Many stories of other patients concur with this idea. Physical therapists foster a sense of resilience by empowering patients to regain control over their bodies and engage in activities they enjoy and can manage.

Vigorous physical activity has positive effects on mental health. Exercise and physical activity alleviate symptoms of depression and provide a benefit for substance abuse programs, self-image, social skills, and cognitive function, and the symptoms of anxiety are reduced. Physical therapy is also advantageous for the 20% of people in the United States living with mental illness, and physical therapy should be part of their treatment plan.

Young doctor at rehabilitation centre helps senior patient do exercises on fit ball. Cheerful old lady with osteoporosis sitting on stability ball, holding rubber band and doing physiotherapy exercise

A collaborative journey

A physical therapist’s treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, which enhances mobility, extends beyond the physical and impacts so much more. The coexistence of mental and physical health conditions is prevalent and should not be treated in isolation to achieve optimal physical therapy outcomes. Physical therapy is unique because it intersects with both physical and mental health. The patient arrives for physical therapy because of a physical symptom. At the same time, this impairment might restrain their movement and independence, cause chronic pain, and they have to adapt to a life-changing incident and all of these have a drastic effect on their mental health. The link between physical and mental health is complex but affects patients of all ages.

The impact of physical therapy on mental health goes beyond physical well-being. Specific exercises release serotine and beta-endorphins, which are connected to a positive mood and greater well-being. These hormones affect the individual’s mood, motivation, and physical well-being. Patients incorporate physical therapy and daily exercises into their lives.

RGV XO Physical Therapy

At XO Physical Therapy, we tailor therapeutic exercises to each person’s capabilities to benefit the general body and mind. Relaxation techniques, massages, stretches, movement, and body-awareness techniques are some therapies we include to improve your overall well-being – body and mind. Contact us today to start your journey of a body and mind in harmony.

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