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National Physical Therapy Month

Physical Therapy Month: Celebrating Physical Therapists and Their Work

The beginning of October marks an important opportunity to recognize life-changing healthcare professionals: Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants.

Named National Physical Therapy Month (NPTM), October has been a time of recognizing, celebrating, and supporting physical therapists and their work since 1981.

What is National Physical Therapy Month?

Founded by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the month focuses on physical therapy’s unique ability to use movement to improve patients’ health and wellbeing.

NPTM uses #ChoosePT to encourage everyone to honor, embrace, and take advantage of the incredible power of physical therapy to restore health and ability after disease or injury.

Everyone who works in physical therapy is included in this month of recognition and education. Whether you are a physical therapist or a physical therapy assistant, this month provides an opportunity for your work to be recognized, and for others to be educated about the importance of physical therapy.

What themes does National Physical Therapy Month use?

Every year, APTA selects a specific aspect of physical therapy to accompany the #ChoosePT hashtag. Past examples include posture, obesity, and preventing sports injury.

Activities and information focused on this theme are available on the APTA website, and allow physical therapists and their patients to learn more about the many ways in which physical therapy changes lives.

This year, National Physical Therapy Month focuses on physical therapy’s ability to reduce pain, and the chronic reliance on the pain killing opioids that often lead to addiction.

For example, educational materials from APTA address issues such as how physical therapy can relieve pain, how to talk to a healthcare provider about pain management, how physical therapists can play a role in fighting the opioid epidemic, tips for managing pain through physical therapy, and more.

How can I celebrate National Physical Therapy Month?

If you wish to participate in NPTM, you have many opportunities to do so. Here at XO Physical Therapy, we will launch an awareness campaign lasting throughout October 31st, as well as some goodies which will be announced soon.

But one of the best ways to celebrate National Physical Therapy Month is to educate yourself on physical therapy and how it is used to treat diseases.

Visit the APTA website to gain access to educational materials on the topic of pain management and physical therapy. Participate in our own celebrations and incentives.

And, if you are in pain, take the first steps toward managing, and even eliminating, that pain by allowing us to help. Our experienced physical therapists can tailor a wide range of treatments to your specific condition and needs. They can help you get back to the active, pain-free life you desire, and deserve.

Do not allow October to pass by without recognizing the contributions of physical therapists, educating yourself on physical therapy and pain, and by pursuing the support you need to manage your own pain. It is our honor to serve you!

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