Emmanuel Lopez | Patient Stories

  September 3, 2019

Emmanuel Lopez | Patient Stories


Physical Therapy is more than just healing injuries. At XO, we can help you understand, heal and prevent any aches or pains you might run into- big or small. Don’t just take our word for it, meet 5 time Ironman finisher and XO client, Manny.

Hi my name is Emmanuel Lopez, or as people know me, my name is Manny. I am an endurance athlete, and I have practiced the swim, bike, run sport for over 14 years now. I’m a 5-time Ironman finisher. I am a 10-time half-Ironman finisher and I’ve completed what feels like a 100s sprint in Olympic distance over the 14 years.

I first came to XO back in November of 2018 and I remember that I specifically came in here looking for a man by the name of Yuzef Yarrito, who had been highly recommended to me by a close friend.

The first time we saw Manny here was due to an inflammation of one of his hip musculatures. He came to me and personally told me that he was running, or participating in the Ironman course. And was actually able to finish through the full Ironman, and paid a little price for it at the end.

Manny, being the athlete that he is, is usually taking a full throttle all the time, 24-7, non-stop, go go go. So, that was the first key component of our Physical Therapy Program here. Ensuring that Manny understood, hey, you’re hurt, let us take care of you.

Yuzef and the staff here at XO not only helped me flush out the inflammation I was dealing with in my (sports) injury. But they took the time to help me improve the muscular balance of my body. They did this through specific strengthening exercises that focused on the weakness that caused the injury in the first place.

What I liked about XO’s approach to my treatment was the level of personalized care that I received. For example, Yuzzef was quick to approach me to let me know that his goal from me was not just to heal my injury and send me back to my regular life. But his goal was to educate me on how to treat the body, and how to strengthen the body to never go through such injury again.

Here at XO we’re always researching, we’re always looking for new innovative ways to further help our patients. With Manny, being the athlete that he is again, we were able to incorporate some very distinct and new therapeutic exercises

What we really wanted to focus on with him towards the later stages of his rehab, was the training he had for a stable and strong core. That core wraps around all the way towards his back, so this really created a fun opportunity for us here at XO, me as a therapist and for Manny to benefit from. 

I highly recommend XO physical therapy to anybody out there dealing with an injury or just dealing with those daily pain and aches. Because the people here are highly committed to help you improve and recover from anything that you’re dealing with. 

Now that Manny is wrapping us his therapy with us here at XO, we wish him nothing but the best and his ambitious goals, and we know he’ll try out in all his Ironman competitions.

For all that Yuzzef and the XO staff has done for me, I am truly thankful.