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4 Massage Techniques For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Are you experiencing pain, numbness, or tingling pins and needles sensations in your hand, arm, or wrist? It could be a possible symptom of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If that’s the case, the symptoms might initially be mild and bearable. But when left untreated, the condition can worsen and make it extremely difficult and painful for you to move your hands, which hampers your ability to do day-to-day tasks at home and work.

Corticosteroid injections and surgical procedures can treat carpal tunnel syndrome, but those are not the only options. A more convenient and non-invasive method of easing the symptoms of this condition is through physical therapy and applying various massage techniques.

In this post, we’ll explain carpal tunnel syndrome and also talk about some effective massages for carpal tunnel in RGY, McAllen, that can benefit people suffering from it.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Physiotherapist doing physical therapy of hand man patient massage  and acupressure in the medical concept and office syndrome and lock fingers.Health and Bone Health Concept.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where the median nerve is pinched or compressed in the carpal tunnel.

Let’s clear out two things first:

  1. The median nerve is a nerve that runs through your arms all the way to your wrist and palms
  2. The carpal tunnel is a slender passage through your wrist and into your palms.

There are various factors that can cause your median nerve to get pinched and compressed in the carpal tunnel, such as:

  • Inflammation in and around the wrist and palm area due to conditions such as arthritis.
  • Intensive force and pressure on hands due to physically demanding work, usually experience by people working in construction, industrial processes, etc.
  • Prolonged pressure on wrists due to the office and computer jobs.

Apart from these, many other factors can create tension and stress in your hands and wrists and eventually lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Can physical therapy and massage treat carpal tunnel syndrome?

Close up of  techniques of  pressure point massage

Yes, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the many conditions treated by physical therapy.

Of course, if the condition is very severe and too far gone, you may need injections or even surgery to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. However, if you practice caution and get it diagnosed at an early stage when the symptoms are still mild, then physical therapy and massage can be very effective in managing the condition and alleviating the pain and other symptoms. Many doctors also suggest people with this syndrome should first try out massage therapy from a qualified practitioner before even considering the possibility of invasive treatments.

When performed regularly and efficiently, massage therapy can treat symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome by releasing pressure in the median nerves and gradually restoring motor function.

4 effective massage techniques to treat carpal tunnel syndrome

Physical therapist is checking patients elbow and arm at the clinic office room.

Certified massage therapists use various techniques to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The techniques can vary in terms of pressure applied, types of strokes and movements, and targeting different areas between the palm and the forearm.

Here are four effective, tried and tested massage techniques for carpal tunnel syndrome:

1.    Low-pressure warm-ups with Effleurage


Effleurage is a type of massage technique where the therapist applies light pressure using their palms in continuous circular strokes. This technique is mainly used as a warm-up to prepare the muscles and nerves in your arms and wrists for a deep tissue massage later. The strokes are long and slow, increasing the blood circulation in the applied area. This technique also slightly increases the temperature in the arms and wrists, improving blood circulation.

2.    Deep tissue pressure with Petrissage

After warming up the muscles and tissues with effleurage technique, the therapist then applies pressure that reaches deeper into the muscles. One of the deep-pressure massage techniques is Petrissage.

Petrissage primarily uses kneading movements – applying pressure to the forearm, then slightly pinching and pulling back the skin. These two motions are continuously repeated while moving along the forearm and wrist. Petrissage technique also improves blood circulation, and along with that, it increases the flexibility and elasticity of the muscles and tissues.

3.    Glided pressure with Friction Technique

Painful Wrist In A Woman

Friction technique is performed with the fingertips and thumbs, starting from the wrist and gliding through the arm until the elbow, applying deep pressure to a specific arm and wrist area. This technique releases tension in the nerves, muscles, tissues, tendons, and ligaments of the forearm, thus reducing stiffness and improving overall flexibility.

4.    Manipulating sensory receptors with shaking movements

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Shaking movement is usually applied at the end of the massage. All it requires is to gently shake your arms for a few seconds as per the instructions of your massage therapist. The benefit of this technique is that it manipulates the sensory receptors with mixed signals, alleviating pain to some extent and loosening the muscles and tissues.

A massage therapist applies these four techniques’ combination in certain order for best results.

Relaxing massage for carpal tunnel in McAllen, RGV, TX

For anyone experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s advisable to get a proper diagnosis immediately. Once your diagnosis confirms this condition, it’s best to look into physiotherapy and massage techniques as it is an effective, non-invasive treatment method. Fortunately, if you’re located in and around McAllen, RGV, you no longer need to search online for ‘massage for carpal tunnel near me.’

Just reach out to us at Xcell Orthopaedics Physical Therapy, as we have a team of highly experienced, certified physical therapists who are specialized in the most effective and reliable massage techniques for carpal tunnel syndrome. Our expert therapists can help you recover from this condition without having to experience much pain and discomfort. Contact us for more information, and let us help you naturally achieve better health.

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