Our Specialty Areas

We have specialized therapists who are skilled in successfully treating specific injuries and conditions.
Our physical therapy services in McAllen and Rio Grande will heal you in no time.


Aquatic Therapy

Water supports the body and reduces pressure on the joints so
that you experience less pain and soreness.


Knee Pain

We use specialized exercises to help the tissues around the knee heal
faster and promote appropriate function. We have the right physical therapy services in McAllen and Rio Grande City


Post-Surgical Rehab

Through specific activities, we can decrease swelling, pain, and tenderness
after surgery to ensure a complete recovery.


Injured Workers

We provide a full suite of workmen’s compensation services, from initial
evaluations to complete functional restoration.


Lower Back Pain

We can alleviate lower back pain through hands-on techniques and
specific exercises that allow the body to heal.


Shoulder Pain

We address the source of the issue through a hands-on assessment,
followed by re-training of normal shoulder rhythm.


Fall Prevention and Balance Training

Using our specialized physical therapy in McAllen, we focus on building coordination, sensory awareness, and strength in to
improve muscular balance and feedback.


Sports Injuries

We help rehabilitate sports injuries by addressing stability and proper
body awareness for all types of athletes.


Muscle Debility

We help patients by promoting a strengthening program that is catered to
your level of function and goals for activity level.


Arthritis Management

We can manage arthritis by developing a program that promotes joint
lubrication, stress reduction, and improved circulation.



Physical therapy can treat vertigo and provide immediate relief
for unpleasant symptoms, including dizziness and nausea.

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